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Trade Crypto | Open a Personal Crypto Trading Account | Uphold

Discover the benefits of personal crypto trading with Uphold. From fast deposits to 0% withdrawal fees, Uphold is the best place to trade crypto for yourself.

Open Uphold

An amazingly easy trading experience on web and mobile.

01 Cost-effective

Low spread

0% deposit fees

0% withdrawal fees*

02 Easy access

Open an account in less than a three minutes, and start trading crypto and other currencies immediately

03 Fast deposits

Deposit straight into your preferred crypto from your debit card, bank**, or crypto wallet. There's no faster way to lock in volatile prices!

04 Unique trading experience

Trade directly between crypto, stablecoins, and environmental assets in one step, saving time and money. Bitcoin to Ethereum is one trade.

05 Time saving

Bring your investments together in one convenient account, minimising admin and paperwork.

06 Easy to invest

Move between currencies seamlessly using our unique From and To trading interface.

Phone with Uphold app


Multi-Currency Platform Icon

Multi-Currency Platform

250+ cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and environmental assets

'Anything to Anything' Icon

'Anything to Anything'

Unique, one-step trading capability, e.g., BTC to XRP, ETH to DOT

Commission-Free Icon


All-inclusive prices, locked in pre-trade, what you see is what you pay

Cost-Effective Icon


Low spread, 0% fees on debit card deposits, and 0% bank and crypto withdrawal fees*

* Except Standard Crypto Network fees charged when you withdraw to external crypto wallets, are passed on and may vary depending on network congestion.

** Deposits from bank accounts are only available in the U.K., Europe & U.S.

This content is correct as of October 2022.