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Universal Gold (UPXAU) Price



Please note: like most trading venues, we display the current mid-market rates in our price charts. When you trade, you get the current bid or ask price depending on whether you are buying or selling. There is always a slight difference between the mid-market and the current bid or ask prices. This is a natural result of how Exchange order books work.

About Universal Gold (UPXAU) Price

Gold has successfully preserved wealth through many generations. The same, can't be said for paper currencies. This has made gold one of the great hedges against inflation.

In 1970, an ounce of gold equaled $35.8 - enough to buy a  suit. If you had an ounce of gold today and converted it at today's prices, you'd still be able to buy a suit. But if you'd kept your $35 in paper money you'd barely be able to buy a tie.

The potential of gold to preserve wealth is even more important in an economic environment where investors are faced with a declining U.S. dollar and rising inflation.

How to buy Universal Gold (UPXAU)

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to Uphold.com and click ‘Sign up’.
  2. Enter your email address, personal details, and create a password.  
  3. Your account will be created instantly and you can start using Uphold.

Want to buy USD $100 worth of gold? As soon as you transfer USD - or any other fiat currency -  to your gold sub-account, it's instantly converted into ounces at our current rates.

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