About Us

Want to be Part of Something Big?

Be Part of Something Big!

Uphold is looking for motivated individuals who want to help change the world! If you are looking to join a global team that is working to revolutionize financial services and, in doing so, improve billions of people’s lives for the better, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our exciting career opportunities:

Together We Are


We’re passionate about what we do and how we interact as a team. We work to improve the lives of billions of people around the world who are currently excluded from access to financial services. Every day we learn as a team. We win as a team. We collaborate across multiple time zones to get it right.


Transparency is at the heart of everything we do at Uphold. We openly share information and ideas and empower our people to do amazing work.

Leading the Change

We’re changing the world and to do that we each own and lead a critical part of our success, from a single initiative, to a project or program of work or even an entire line of business. We don’t take no for an answer. We untangle knots together, and then we go forward together.

Our Culture

Culture is incredibly important to us, as it sets the tone for everything from how our core teams blend with each other across the globe in our diverse geographic locations, to how customers are viewed and treated.

We believe in the abilities of our people and we operate with flexibility, but expect the very best from our team. At Uphold we not only look for excellence in your core skills, but also find it equally important to express an attitude of positivity, collaboration and professionalism.

Benefits & Perks

We take the health, happiness and overall wellness of our employees very seriously. We believe in work/life balance and have, in support of, constructed comprehensive and generous benefits and perks across the globe for all our employees. Some benefits and perks vary depending on country.

Public Holidays

We provide a generous Holiday schedule for our employees resulting in many 3-day weekends, so that you can celebrate with friends and family.

Vacation & Sick Time

We offer generous time off including sick time. Keep your germs at home when you’re sick and when you need a break, get out there to have some fun and take the time you need to recharge.

Health Benefits

Medical, dental and vision insurance are available to most employees. Uphold pays for 100% of the employee cost and generously contributes to your dependents.

Pre-Tax Benefits

Uphold offers access to several optional pre-tax programs, including, pension plans, flexible spending accounts (FSA), retirement 401(k) accounts, and commuter benefit programs.

Paid Parental Leave

We celebrate expecting parents with paid time off to care for and help acclimate their newly born and/or adopted child(ren), this policy applies to full-time employees (working 30 or more hours per week).

Personal Leave

Sometimes you just need a break to catch your breath. No problem, we offer 30 days of unpaid personal recharge time to those that need it. Subject to approval.

Life & Disability

We provide life and disability insurance to our employees.

Jury Duty & Voting

Got summoned for Jury Duty? No problem, we get it and will make sure you receive the appropriate coverage. Get out there and take a stand for your beliefs!

Free Lunch, Snacks & Drinks

We offer lunches, snacks and drinks to employees in our locations.