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What is STORM?

STORM (STMX) was created in 2017 to serve as a network for low-wage workers to augment earnings via a microtask marketplace.

Powered by Ethereum smart contracts, STORM, which refers to both a blockchain built on Ethereum and also an ERC20-compliant token, is an example of a decentralized application, open-source software that leverages blockchain technology. 

The ongoing “dApps” rush, one of several nascent, exciting trends unfurling within the crypto space, is viewed as having unlimited potential in terms of sheer untapped resources – otherwise idle human attention spans that can be harnessed by feedback-seeking companies via rewards given to people for simply doing what they might be doing anyway, like watching a video advertisement, playing a game or browsing the web.

Revolutionizing the future of work fell to two University of Washington graduates, Simon Yu and Calvin Hsieh, who first collaborated on food truck apps which grew into CakeCodes which started them down a path toward game-ifying tasks.

Of STORM’s total supply of ten billion tokens, some 41.74% were distributed via a crowd sale, 25% went to the company, 10%, users, with the rest ring-fenced off in a blackout period.

STORM, unlike many cryptos, can’t be mined. The tokens can only be earned, and traded. 

STORM “players” on the StormX mobile app platform are rewarded in Bolts which can be monetized into STORM tokens.

Storm Play, the most widely utilized application in the STORM universe, and which allows users to earn, easily, by playing videos, already has over a million downloads.

What is the price of STORM?

Currently trading on a half dozen exchanges with strong volume, STORM in 2018 hit a high of $0.16. In March of 2020, it fell to a low of $0.0006. More recently (as of mid-October 2020) the price was holding steady at $0.002. Between early May and June of 2020 STORM shot up 220% following a new rewards program and token swap. STORM is up 64% over the past 12 months as of mid-October. You can buy STORM with Tether.

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This content is correct as of November 2020

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