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What is UNH

 UnitedHealth Group (UNH) is the largest healthcare insurance company globally measured by revenues at more than $240 billion in 2019. The Minnesota-headquartered company has a history that goes back four-plus decades and a business that includes segments focused on health coverage for large employers, Medicare and retirement benefits, state, and municipal public programs, and an international business unit active in 130 countries.  

Over the past five years, earnings growth at UNH has been robust with a gain of 165% for the period. With a change of presidential administrations now underway (as of December 2020), investors were closely watching for signals of policy shifts that could impact UNH’s business model.  While the number of Americans without health insurance rose by 1.3 million during the Trump administration, the GOP was unsuccessful in an attempt at eradicating the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Generally, analysts view the incoming Biden administration as good news for UNH and the health insurance industry as a whole as more consumers get coverage.

As the U.S. economy emerges from the pandemic, UNH is expected to see revenues and earnings normalize.

What is the price UNH? 


At $336 a share, UNH has a stellar track record for delivering shareholder returns. The stock has provided positive returns for the past 11 consecutive years.  In five of those years, the stock rose by more than 35% with dividends included. Currently, the trailing one-year return for UNH is nearly 18% as of mid-December 2020.  


With a market capitalization of $320 billion and an average daily volume of more than 3 million shares, UNH is the largest and among the most actively traded U.S. healthcare stocks.  UNH currently has a dividend yield of 1.48% and the stock trades at a multiple of 19x earnings as of the most recently reported period.

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This content is correct as of December 2020

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