At Uphold, we strive to continually improve our service for both our customers and developers ensuring you can provide the best possible experience to your users.

As a direct result of partner feedback, we are introducing a new Authorization page that allows third-party applications to onboard new users in a single step while maintaining the same level of safety and security standards you have come to expect from Uphold.

The authorize page now accepts a new parameter `intention`, with two possible values:

Users will still be able to toggle between the signup and login form as usual, as you can see at the bottom of each form.

The new Authorization page allows new users to signup or login, authorize your application and immediately return to your application, all with a single step.

This change can affect your application in a few possible ways:

  • New users may not have any cards when they return to your application.
    • Suggestion: ensure that your application creates a card if it does not exist.

We ask that you determine the impact to your application and make any necessary changes.

After September 1st, the new Authorization page will become the default behavior for all applications with the login intention as the default, if omitted.

For more information on the One-Step Authorization process, visit our Developer Documentation.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions: [email protected]

- The Uphold Engineering Team