As for military veterans, they are the persons who had served their time and are no longer serving in army for their country. The veterans who directly involved in wars may also be referred as war veterans.

Life of a Veteran

Life of a veteran can be different in many ways from a civilian and can pose many challenges. For some returning home and starting a completely different life seems like another battle. To overcome these challenges, these veterans need to accept and understand them. The main challenge they face after returning from active duty is to get financial stability.

It is a fact that veterans are more likely to have financial troubles than civilians. A survey indicates that 58% veterans carry more credit card debt month to month than civilians whom average is 34%.

Veterans with disabilities can learn small business ideas from To tackle their financial challenges, we have gathered some ideas that a veteran can use to easily start and manage a small business.

Business Ideas for Veterans

To start a business you need investment. That is one area where a veteran always struggle. So we are laying some small business ideas that can help to start for less than $1,000. In some cases you can start these businesses with less than 100 dollars. Yes, we are talking about using the power of internet. It allows you to keep your startup cost low. Here are some of the low cost business ideas for army veterans.

Fitness Instructor

When we hear the name military, first thing come to our mind is their fitness and discipline. Military veterans can leverage that to their advantage in private sector. The race to lose weight and get in better shape is always on and we are 100% sure that people are willing to pay top dollars if you provide them with military style workout sessions.

You can do it by training in a gym as a fitness instructor, make a video and upload it on YouTube to get famous to get clients or write an eBook on Fitness tips with a good title like “Workout by Navy Seal” Etc. We are confident that you will get million views on YouTube if you record your workout sessions dressed in military drill sergeant.

Online Subscription Business

Another way to successfully tackle your finance problems is to become entrepreneur in subscription business. This low cost business idea is already popular among most veterans and some of them had already made huge profit from it. For instance, if you think that people go to market whenever they need to buy coffee, then you are wrong. Coffee is one thing that we use on daily basis and most of us prefer to sign up for a subscription base coffee service.

The reason is that by doing so they save a lot of time and some money while getting their desired product on their doorstep. There are some coffee companies who had used military theme to establish their brand like Victory Coffees or Black Rifle Coffee Company. It is a clever way of branding that utilizes patriotism and conservative American values.

So, first step is to launch your subscription business online and start gathering loyal customers. After your brand got recognized online, you can move towards the next step that is to open franchises on different locations.

E-commerce Business

One of the popular businesses among veterans is setting up an ecommerce storefront. You can easily sell common household items like flip flops or T-shirts on your ecommerce store. You can always add a military slogan or image on these items to improvise in sales. These images and slogans attract a certain type of customers who are inspired with military and American heroes.

The best thing about this business is that you won’t have to buy a large amount of merchandise and store them in a warehouse to start your business. Now with the print on demand technology you can order a single T-shirt or place a bulk order to save extra cash.

Life Coaching or Consulting

What good business it would be if it helps you earn and also helps people to get their life in order. You may have some doubts in the beginning about the difference between civilian world and the experience learned in the military. You will be surprised to know that how much your training in discipline can help corporations and businesses.

Disciplined executives and managers are never out of demand in the business sector. People with discipline and strategic thinking are always high valued. People have real respect for military discipline, so becoming a life coach can be a good way to enter the business world.

You can help countless people to get their lives in order with your military experience, all you need to be is a good listener. With all the hustle and bustle of modern age, order and discipline is rarely found in civilians. Think of all the ways your military training in discipline can help others organize their lives.

These days people are willing to pay someone to help them organize. A retired veteran Angela Cody Rouget started an online business named “Major Moms”. It became a huge success because of the ideas people learn from it about how to cleanup or organize their homes.