It all started when Ethereum conducted its first ICO in 2015. At that time, no one knows that this is the perfect time to invest in this opportunity. The founders of blockchain offered Ethereum tokens to the very first investors for around 35-40 cents per token after a brief description.

It was considered to be a gamble at that time but it paid off very well to those who played that gamble and now today these Ethereum tokens are worth hundreds of dollars each which makes the investment return of well over 100,000%. Now there are many automated cryptocurrency apps available like Ethereum Code. With the Ethereum code login, you will be able to easily earn profit from Ethereum and many other digital currencies.

Now you must be thinking, what if you were present at that time and also made some investment in Ethereum. What if we tell you that still there is a chance that you can make it big with this cryptocurrency. It has become the second largest cryptocurrency in market and it is playing much safer role for investors. Let us look at the reasons you might consider worthy to invest in Ethereum.

It Has Established Network

The main issue you see in any cryptocurrency is stability. This industry is still maturing and the money involved in it is still very small. There are only some crypto-currencies that have reached the mark of billions. Because this industry is still in its early age, a simple news headline can shake or make the value of any cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is bit different from these crypto-currencies. The reason is because its trade is now in billions. It is considered to be heavyweights of this industry along with Bitcoin. Blockchain currencies are the product of strong networks. These established networks are hard to overtake by another competitor because it take great deal of time and effort to build them. This is why digital companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are the giants among their respective industries.

Ethereum had but a lot of hard work to build its development, reputation, users and applications which are ready to go. That is why it will be very difficult for another network to overtake Ethereum.

Most ICO’s Run On Ethereum

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is perfect way to fund the development of any cryptocurrency. It is the most practical way to decentralize smart contracts and used to raise billions in the last few years. Most of the fundraising is been done by ICO platforms for Ethereum. New developments are happening consistently and investors feel comfortable using Ethereum tokens.

Ethereum Only Use Ether

Another advantage of Ethereum is that its app only uses Ether tokens to run on the blockchain. Every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain needs to be paid in Ether to its miners. This is the strategy that is behind the increasing demand of Ethereum and keeps the price of Ether token high.

Popular Among Enterprises

Many companies like BP, Accenture, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse are forming Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to raise its standard and help its advancement in global adoption of Ethereum technology. This is only because all these enterprises found it to be the most promising idea to decentralize its technology to the corporate world.

Capacity of Change

The biggest advantage of Ethereum is that this network can’t scale. The adoption of Ethereum will only continue to grow because it can only do few transactions per second thus it won’t remain the same when more apps are built. The proof of this argument is that Ethereum usage had grown multiple times over when there is a surge in interest in cryptocurrency or when popular apps are released, like Bitcoin.

To remove your doubts let us look at what people said about internet. In 90’s experts were saying that internet can’t scale for email. After that they predicted about email attachment or it can’t scale for videos. All these claims were proven false when internet had managed to scale to all these things.

Another reason for Ethereum success is that thousands of people and companies had already invested in it billions of dollars. So naturally they won’t let it fail that easily because their interest is directly bound with its success. This network is always scaling and it is just a matter of time before they take things to the next level.

The Future of Crypto

As the passage of time, more people understand crypto-currencies, the misunderstanding and the fear of unknown is slowly wearing off. New ideas, knowledge, excitement and global interest in blockchain are making it more popular and crypto-currency is already started to influence our economy.

As for Ethereum, it will likely to gain more influence in cryptocurrency industry because it is more decentralized. It also allows anyone to develop and run applications on its platform from anywhere in the world. It has the infinite potential to provide the raw infrastructure of these apps into the future.