Security & Protection

A Higher Level of Security

Uphold is a membership community. We all need to work together for security.

We have taken steps to provide a high level of security standard for all of our members. In addition to the security controls, procedures and systems we have in place, it’s important to take additional steps to ensure your safety.

Security Measures

We enforce these security measures to ensure your safety.

Become a Verified Member

Verify your identity and become an Uphold Member. Membership is free and not only provides you with major cost-saving benefits, it helps keep your transactions safe and secure.

Strong Password

We enforce strong password rules when you become a member, create an account and store the passwords using industry-leading methods to protect them. The use of strong passwords combined with two-factor authentication safely and securely protects your account in a way that is second to none.

Enable 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FAC) gives you an extra level of protection in the event that your login and password get stolen or compromised. 2FAC is enabled as a default setting on all Uphold accounts. You strongly encourage yourself not to turn it off.

Other security tips

Here are a few other things you can do to keep your account secure:

Scams and phishing

Scams are designed to trick you into giving away information that could be used to steal your identity or defraud you. Phishing typically involves emails that are sent to many people pretending to be from financial services company or other organization you may trust. They may try to trick you into going to a site, to update your password for example, but the site will be a fake. If you are unsure about any email you receive, don’t reply; just delete it.

Using your device in a public place

Never leave your device unattended in a public place while you are logged in and try to avoid using public Wi-Fi. You should never access or change your personal information if you are in a public place and always log out of your Uphold account when you are finished using it.

A secure connection

Make sure you use a secure internet connection when you access Uphold. Look out for the “https” at the beginning of the website address, as well as the padlock security symbol in the browser frame.

Your computer

You should install effective antivirus and antispy software and firewall and ensure they are running when you use your computer at all times.