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Universal Gold (UPXAU)

The best way to invest in gold

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Accessible, affordable, practical

Universal Gold represents a practical and affordable way of investing in gold for everyone. Lowering barriers to entry and eliminating holding costs completely, UPXAU allows people to buy as little as $1 worth of gold (with no maximum investment) and enjoy zero lifetime custody fees, as well as unprecedented utility: you can spend UPXAU on the Uphold debit card just as you would cash.

The only form of gold that's:

  • Free to hold
  • Government-backed
  • Spendable on a debit card

Real gold without real gold fees

  • Zero custody fees
  • UPXAU is a 1-for-1 troy oz gold-backed token
  • Physical gold held by the Perth Mint, Western Australia

Dependable and spendable

  • Spendable on the Uphold debit card
  • Audited by renowned security firm CertiK
  • Transparent value substantiation
  • Issued by the Universal Protocol Alliance**

**The Universal Protocol Alliance is a coalition including Ledger, Bittrex International, CertiK, Uphold, Cred and InfiniGold

Acts like gold. Spends like cash. Trades like Crypto.

The Fed is printing more money than ever.

will still be as good as gold.