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Hedged Bitcoin

By Ternary Intelligence

A new way to invest in bitcoin backed by the science of complex systems.

Hedged Bitcoin, a revolutionary investment strategy, launched by Ternary Intelligence on the Uphold platform. Hedged Bitcoin is designed to dramatically reduce the effects of downturns, while keeping investors exposed to the long-term upside potential of bitcoin, one of the world’s most volatile assets.

Hedged Bitcoin is expected to have strong appeal for :

  • Retail Investors: New users, curious about cryptocurrency who are keen to participate in the potential upside, but are unsure of when to buy.
  • Current Bitcoin Holders: Hedged Bitcoin provides a 'protective wrapper' for those who already hold bitcoin by shifting their funds into dollars ahead of dramatic crashes.
  • Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401K Investors: those looking for alternative retirement investments with higher growth potential but more manageable risks.

An investor holding $10,000 in bitcoin on November 1, 2018, would have seen their holdings plummet to $6,700 by the end of November - a 33% loss on their investment in just a month. Had that same consumer invested via Hedged Bitcoin, they would have been protected from more than 70% of the drop and saved $2,400*, experiencing a much milder downturn of just 9%.

Ternary Intelligence’s backtesting over the past five years shows that the Hedged Bitcoin strategy delivers 95 percent of the average compound annual growth rate of traditional buy and hold bitcoin, with less than a third of the downside.