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By Talketh

Use any Uphold cryptocurrency as mobile phone credit

Talketh delivers high-quality phone calls to mobile phones and landlines at a fraction of the cost of a regular cell-phone call. All calls can be paid for with any Uphold cryptocurrency

Talketh is a fully developed smartphone calling app designed to even work on the 1.8 billion smartphones stuck on older 2G mobile networks.

Talketh is cryptocurrency driven and provides anonymous on-boarding, which means that a credit/debit card is not required to purchase call credit. All you need is some Uphold cryptocurrency.

Talketh top-ups can even be paid for with Basic Attention Tokens from the Brave Browser Rewards Program, potentially enabling billions of unbanked users to access affordable call credit.

Why join?

  • It’s FREE to download, no purchase necessary
  • Call any landline or any mobile in the world
  • Instant, anonymous on-boarding, no cell phone number, no email address; just top-up and start calling
  • Cryptocurrency enabled, so no credit/debit card needed to purchase credit
  • Ultra-low data-use for calls, saving valuable data
  • Ultra-low cost call prices, much cheaper than local mobile network operators
  • Amazing prices for international calls, much cheaper than other Internet calling services

Where can I get some free crypto?

You can earn BAT cryptocurrency by surfing the internet using the Brave Browser with ads enabled.. More information at https://basicattentiontoken.org/

Download Talketh now at https://talketh.io/