You need games. Deny it all you want or pretend that is not true but it’s a reality that video games give us some of the best lessons of life. We are not talking about hitting hard or killing zombies, real life lessons. These lessons involve real scenarios of life. What better way to learn is while you are enjoying as well. To understand and enjoy these games fully, you need better monitor. Let’s see what we can learn from playing video games.

Stages of Life

A teen may not comprehend this reality fully but a grownup can understand this fact easily that difficulties increase in our life as we progress. Just like that every game starts off the same. We start with slow and easy challenges but they became tougher as we progress in games. Life works the same way.

Just like with each level in games enemy increases and grew stronger, stress of life also increases as we grew older. Our age is just like different levels of games, with each level comes different challenges. You gain experience if you keep playing the same game, thus you also learn that if you keep up your efforts in real life. You become stronger, wiser and with that knowledge you can overcome any obstacle in life.

These games also teaches us not to pursue any challenges if you don’t have enough resources and experience because if you do then there is a mighty chance that you will fail. No task is impossible in life if you do it the right way.

Facing Obstacles

Life is not easy, especially for those who don’t want to work hard to achieve something. Life is full of difficulties, challenges and unexpected scenarios. These challenges will only grow as you progress in life. Did you ever imagined why your childhood problems look much simpler than your adulthood problems. The reason is because you have learned and evolved from your previous experiences.

It is nice to have less problems or challenges in life but if you don’t face them head on, you simply cease to grow. We learn some of our best lessons in danger or defeat. That is what video games teach us. With each defeat you learn a new way to save yourself from that situation. That is how you improve yourself.

Look for Secrets

Life is a mystery and full of secrets. Most games also offer hidden treasures which you can get by thinking out of the box. This lesson also applies in our daily life. While fixating on a single goal can take you towards your destination, a little experiment or gamble can also be rewarding. Buying a lottery ticket, running a side business or learning a new skill comes in such category.

Keep Going

In video games you get many lives. If you make a mistake you lose a life and if you perform good you can get that life back. This is how life works. Life is full of opportunities and blunders. If you lose an opportunity or make a mistake which leads to misfortune, don’t give up. There is always another opportunity waiting for you around the corner if you keep looking.

The people who had made their mark in the history and remembered their astonishing achievements were once just like you. The only difference is that they learned from their mistakes and achieve their goal with dedication and consistency. Life was not easy with them but they keep getting up every time a situation had knocked them down. So in order to achieve greatness learn to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.


Each video game starts with directions or tutorials so that you can understand the game before you play it. If you skip these instructions then you will surely face a situation where that instruction can come in handy and you can get stuck there. To solve this situation either you have to restart your game or search through internet for the solution. This is the lesson video games teach us, in real life never undertake a task until you learn the basics about it or you can bear the consequences. Take advice from an experienced person before starting a task, it will save you later.

Be a Team Guy

Most of the online games today are based on team play. They thought you to be a team guy because you can achieve victory much quicker with a combined and coordinated effort than playing solo. These games teach you to look out for other people, work together and do something for others so one day they might help you in return. Sure moving alone is much faster and easy but you can go further with a group.

Distribute Wisely

It is good to be a team player and help those who need it from you but that does not mean that you offer your help to everyone. There are people in life that lack self motivation to keep going, everyone deserve a second chance. Give them your support but not to those who squander it. Be charitable but know who you are giving those resources to. You can’t help or save everyone, this is the lesson we learn from playing action video games.

Everyone Likes to be a Hero

Believe it or not, everyone thinks of themselves as hero of their story, even villains. For example, in his mind Hitler was a good guy and he was cleaning up the world. Everyone wants to be a good guy and rarely they think of themselves as a bad guy. No one starts as good or evil, it’s their choices that brand them these titles. This is what we learn in video games because we are given both choices to play as a hero or villain in them.

Satisfy with What you Have

You get a limited space in video games in which you can save your findings. You can’t carry more when that space is full. This situation is the same in real world, weather it is possession or feeling. Let it go. If you try to carry too much, it will weigh you down. Keeping your hands shut to hold something will only prevent you from doing what you need to progress. Don’t forget but don’t be burdened by anything. Don’t let old stuff or memories come in the way of your progress in life.

Learn the Pattern

First thing you learn in a video game is its pattern. Without learning it is impossible for you to beat that game. Same is with life, to win you learn how things work and how they move or progress. Once you understand their cycle, you can easily manipulate them to your advantage and benefit from it. To succeed in life, figure out new ways to move forward. Know the pattern and stick to it if you want to reach your desired destination.


People who think that playing games is a waste of time are wrong. All these games are designed not only to enjoy but to evolve our minds so that we can understand certain aspects of life as well. So don’t be concerned and let your young ones learn and enjoy while they play video games.