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About Mastercard (MA)

Mastercard Incorporated (MA) is an American financial services company, based in Purchase, New York. 

Mastercard provides financial services and solutions to a multitude of entities, including businesses, governments, merchants, and consumers. Besides Mastercard, other products are offered under brand names such as Maestro and Cirrus.

The company was founded as Interbank in 1966 and later renamed as Master Charge in 1969. It was not until 1979 that the company finally got the Mastercard name, rebranding from "Master Charge: The Interbank Card". In that year, several enterprises joined forces in an effort to compete with the Visa BankAmericard consortium.

Like Visa, Mastercard runs its own global network, called Banknet, which processes all transactions. In contrast to VisaNet, Banknet doesn’t process transactions in a centralized way, relying instead on a peer-to-peer, meshed network.

Mastercard provides other business intelligence services, including consulting, analytics, and cybersecurity vulnerability assessments, among others.

Mastercard products are available in 210 countries.

Mastercard stock price

The MA share price, like those of other publicly-traded companies, is directly related to quarterly and annual revenues, which reflect the demand for its products.

Mastercard does not issue cards directly to the public. Instead, it provides branded payment products to financial entities, such as banks or fintech companies.

MA stock price movements are heavily influenced by revenues from such financial institutions.

The Mastercard business model means that periods of slower consumption, such as economic recessions, can hit much harder compared with other industries and sectors.

For many people, MA already looks like an unaffordable stock. However, at Uphold, you don’t have to buy whole MA shares. Like cryptocurrencies, you can buy fractions from as little as $1.00.

The Mastercard stock price is ultimately determined by the law of the market: supply and demand. Traders around the world put up ask (selling) and bid (buying) orders and the result is the current MA price, which is constantly changing.

What the bears are saying

  • Mastercard faces strong competition: Tech giants are entering the financial services industry. They will develop their own in-house payment processing solutions.
  • Banks are developing their own products: Thanks to the growth of mobile adoption and smartphone apps, bank-to-bank transfers are getting easier and faster.
  • Mastercard is part of the old guard: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were designed to cut out middlemen.

What the bulls are saying

  • Mastercard embraces new technology: The company recently acquired  Finicity, a real-time financial data aggregation company, for US$825M. Mastercard has also partnered with blockchain company R3.
  • Partnering with potential competitors: Big tech companies (Apple Card uses Mastercard global payment network for example) and other startups have only added value to the company so far.
  • Cash is in decline: With physical cash payment decreasing, Mastercard is perfectly placed to benefit.

How to invest in Mastercard stock with Uphold

Do you want to invest in Mastercard with USD? You only need a verified Uphold account to buy MA shares instantly. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, it’s easy to create an account.

Every trade is one step. So Bitcoin to Tesla, for example, is one transaction. Here’s how quick it is to get started:

  1. Go to Uphold.com and click ‘Sign up’. 
  2. Enter your email address, create a password, and complete an identity check.  
  3. Your account will be created, and you can start using Uphold.

You can fund your account to buy MA shares with your debit card, credit card,  bank account, or crypto deposit. Your Uphold account can also be used to make payments to vendors, or send money to friends on the other side of the world, and more.

Uphold’s  ‘Anything-to-Anything’ trading experience will make any exchange a seamless and commission-free process.

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*U.S. stock trading is not available in the U.S., U.K., and certain other jurisdictions.

This article is for informational purposes only and takes no account of particular personal or market circumstances, and should not be relied upon as investment, tax, or legal advice. For investment, tax, or legal advice, and before taking any action you should consult your own advisors. Note that assets such as equities present unique risks for investors.

This content is correct as of October 2020

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