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Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Price



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About Keep3rV1 (KP3R)

Keep3rV1, or the Keep3r Network, began as a decentralized finance (DeFi) job registry where developers are matched with projects within the DeFi space. The platform has since grown into a niche ecosystem.

An Ethereum-run, ERC-20 utility token, KP3R is the network’s native asset. It’s mainly used for task completion payments, and as liquidity provider incentives and also for governance. KP3R tokens are minted when liquidity is added to the platform.

You may have heard of “sister” networks and “canary” networks (sometimes likened to “wild cousin” networks) and these connote testing grounds or parallel universes. Keep3r, brainchild of DeFi engineering pioneer Andre Cronjje, is dubbed a “keeper” network. Keepers are task performers (external developers). Tasks could include, as Cointelegraph pointed out, automated yield harvesting.

“The scope of Keep3r network is not to manage these jobs themselves, but to allow contracts to register as jobs for keepers, and keepers to register themselves as available to perform jobs,” according to the network. “It is up to the individual keeper to set up their developers and infrastructure and create their own rules based on what transactions they deem profitable.”

It is important to note that, in the context of how Keep3r works, a “job” doesn’t refer to a role fulfilled by a human employee; rather, it refers to a smart contract that wishes an external party to fulfill an action. In accordance to the Keep3r whitepaper, this action is expected to be performed in good faith, ultimately unlocking the ability to execute the smart contract.

Unlocking the potential for traders to become keepers, even without tokens, the system essentially operates as a pro bono distribution of resources across a variety of projects. In doing so, Keep3r is, its team says, aspiring to reduce the extensive upkeep of vast quantities of smart contracts to power increasingly complex systems.

Cronje is known as the founder the yield-farming aggregator Yearn Finance. He has lent his expertise to myriad other projects as well. In March of 2022, Cronje revealed he was exiting the DeFi realm.

It was October of 2020 that Cronje unveiled Keep3r. Since then, a larger ecosystem has sprouted. It includes, Cointelegraph said, the following: Keep3r Eden, a system of rules that enables transparent ordering of transactions; Fixed Forex, a market aimed at providing an alternative to dollar-denominated stablecoins; and an options liquidity mining platform.

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