Since launching just under four months ago, we have expanded our global member base, launched our open API, added new features and functionality to our digital wallet, and welcomed great people to our team. Here's a closer look at some highlights:

Growth and Milestones

In the last 4 months we have experienced more than 1000% growth in our reserve. We now hold over $1.3 million of deposits by our members, which are backed by nearly $1.5 million of assets in our reserve. Better yet, over $10 million of digital money has been converted, sent and received using Bitreserve. Stay up to date on our stats on our Transparency page. Congrats to our members for achieving this impressive milestone. You are digital pioneers!


Since launching our open API in November, we’re seeing individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes innovating upon and augmenting their services using Bitreserve technology. We collaborate with developers and partners daily and welcome interested parties to request an Access Key to our API by emailing [email protected].

Series B Fundraising — Start and Close

We kicked off our Series B fundraising effort in November 2014 and blew our goal out of the water with time to spare. Raising more than $10m (£6.6m) from crowdfunding platforms Crowdcube and Venovate, we smashed Crowdcube’s previous record $2.9m (£1.9m). The transatlantic raise was the first of its kind and the largest raised in Crowdcube’s history. Our funds have been allocated toward global expansion, including hiring new top talent and office space in London.

Introduced Precious Metals and Commodities...As Currency!

Since launch, we have enabled cloud-based gold value with bitgold™, along with bitsilver™, bitplatinum™, bitpalladium, as well as announced bitoil™ coming in 2015, among others. For the first time in history, Bitreserve is turning precious metals and commodities into instantly transferable and spendable value for everyday transactions...and we’re just getting started.

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