Shop til you drop with bitcoin, but without the worry of its value going down! Make purchases anywhere bitcoin is accepted from any of your stable money cards, and send cold, hard cash to friends and family instead of strange, volatile bitcoin. Let’s go!

Send cash to friends and family

Who doesn’t love cash? With just an email address, send a loved one some bitgold, bitdollars, bitpounds and more. Start a new tradition and send some each year and add to their savings!

Make a micro-donation

Give to a cause (or many causes) that you care about. Lots of our favorite causes accept bitcoin for donations of just about any size. The American Red Cross, The United Way, Mozilla and Greenpeace.

Travel the world just like Santa

Many travel sites like CheapAir, Expedia, and BTCTrip enable you to make your travel plans using bitcoin. No need to fill in a billing address or credit card info -- booking with digital currency is as fast and easy as eating pumpkin pie.

When in doubt, get a gift card

End the guessing and give friends gift cards to their favorite retailers. Services like Gyft and eGifter offer points back when purchasing gift cards with bitcoin.

Get that shiny new TV

The holidays are right around the corner...and so is the BIG game. Prepare for the biggest matchups of the year this season by buying a TV from Newegg or TigerDirect.