A couple of weeks ago, We took A Look at Bitreserve's Transparency and today, I'd like to review our transparency product from a more technical point of view.

One of Bitreserve’s greatest achievements is the creation of the first-ever verifiable, secure, and real-time transparency system for a financial services company. This system consists of two key elements: the Reservechain™, a public record of all the transactions that occur across our network; and our Reserveledger™, a public record of all of the changes we make to the assets we hold in our reserve to balance the obligations we have to our members.

These resources are maintained in real-time, and made available through our API. Anyone is free to download these two resources. While these resources are still being finalized, let's take a moment and walk through what they look like today via this brief video on the Transparency product and further documentation below: