Today, we are happy to announce support of InstantSend, yet another great feature from DASH offered on the Uphold platform. Since our initial launch of DASH in December 2017, our team has been working to implement InstantSend which provides members with access to a faster transaction confirmation reducing the time it takes for funds to arrive at the recipient's DASH wallet.

How to initiate a DASH InstantSend transaction within your Uphold wallet:

Please Note:

  • Uphold enables faster deposit times for DASH transactions sent using InstantSend
  • Withdrawals can be expedited using InstantSend. However, the destination must also support InstantSend. If the destination/recipient does not support InstantSend, the transaction will be processed by the destination/recipient as a regular DASH transaction*
    • If you are unsure if the destination/recipient supports InstantSend please confirm before sending as Uphold is unable to confirm this information
  • The InstantSend DASH network withdrawal fee is 0.001 DASH

As always if you have questions regarding your Uphold account, please contact [email protected]

-The Uphold Team

*The InstantSend fee is non-refundable if a destination/recipient does not support InstantSend the transaction will be processed at the destination/recipient as a regular DASH transaction.