After years of semi-obscurity, 2017 saw explosive growth in the value of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. The price of Bitcoin alone surged by an incredible 1,400% in just 12 months.

Many other major cryptocurrencies have experienced price spikes that make Bitcoin’s remarkable performance seem modest by comparison. In 2017 alone, Ethereum’s value jumped an astounding 9,100%, making it the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Litecoin is up more than 5,600%, Bitcoin Cash is already valued at approximately $2,400, and DASH is currently valued at $1,103.

These striking trends have begun to draw significant attention by the media, including discussion by regulators, traditional financial organizations, corporations, the public at large and even some governments. 2017 has been a remarkable year for Bitcoin and other cryptos.

So what could happen in 2018? Who really knows!?

But here are 10 factors that we think could affect the popularity and value of cryptocurrencies in the coming 12 months: