Uphold is a digital money platform that offers a unique ecosystem of financial services to a global market. With payment connectivity and integrated cryptocurrency support, Uphold offers an easy to navigate open API that enables inspired entrepreneurs and developers to easily build on top of the Uphold platform. Working with Upholds API, gives developers the ability to create secure, compliant, state-of-the-art financial applications without the financial burden associated with launching a financial services company including compliance, licensing and regulatory coverage along with access to Uphold’s growing user base or members in 174+ countries!

"We would not have been able to launch this app without access to the Uphold platform, which takes care of all the compliance and security issues associated with moving across digital currencies to enable perfectly executed trades," said Pace Ellsworth, Heleum CEO.

There are a number of inspired, ‘partner apps’ that are powered by Uphold which provide valuable services to both consumers and businesses around the world. Let’s look at some examples of apps that have used Uphold to build their own app: