Uphold is pleased to announce support for Bitcoin Gold (BTG). In the coming weeks, Uphold’s members will be among the first to be able to trade this new cryptocurrency. BTG came into existence on October 25, 2017, as a result of a hard fork and will be tradeable on the Uphold platform, by year end - less than two months since its inception.

Holders of Bitcoin were granted the commensurate number of BTG coins to those BTC they possessed at the moment of the fork (BOGO). Uphold wallet users will soon have access to their BTG coins to transfer, hold, sell or buy more on the Uphold platform.

Since the fork, Uphold has been monitoring the market and has now determined that there is sufficient liquidity and protection for its members to allow this currency to be traded. Integration of BTG is well underway, once completed and fully tested, Uphold will announce the first day of trading, which is currently scheduled for mid-to-late December.

Trading has picked up considerably in recent days particularly in Asia with BTG market cap reaching $6bn showing that the new coin has considerable potential as a tradeable asset:

With the support of BTG, Uphold members will once again gain a market advantage over other exchange users, few of which have yet announced their support for BTG.

A very similar case to our early support of Bitcoin Cash.

Uphold’s thorough market monitoring process, systems integration and testing, the maturity of the Uphold platform and our back-office operations all enable us to deliver these market first to our members on a frequent basis. We always want our members to be first.

We are currently monitoring the market and in the process of integrating a number of new coins and tokens. Stay tuned for announcements around support in the coming months!

-The Uphold Team