Did you know, our Verified members can instantly secure low market rates when using their U.S. bank account to add funds.

It's easy to do with just a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Uphold account:

2. Select the crypto/token card you would like to add funds to:

3. Click ‘Add Funds’:

4. Click ‘Fund from Bank Account (U.S.)'

  1. If you already have a bank account added, you can choose it from the list that displays;
  2. If you don’t have a bank account linked, visit our FAQ for instructions on how to link your account (U.S. Residents // Non-U.S. Residents)
5. Once a bank account is selected, enter the amount of the currency you would like to buy, be sure to review the details once ready click confirm:

Important to note: The transaction will display as ‘pending’ within your Uphold wallet for 5-7 business days (as shown below). During that time your value will reflect market value of the currency you purchased. If the price rises, the value held in your wallet rises as well!

During the processing time, you will be unable to send or move the pending value.

Looking to increase your funding limits?

Verified Uphold accounts start with a $500 daily limit for ACH transfers. You can request an increase in your daily funding limit by submitting an account increase request form

It’s quick and easy: you will need to have your Uphold username and email, information about your account’s purpose and the transaction amounts you’d like approved, along with proof of identification and financial history.

You can request limits up to $10,000 for daily withdrawals, or $25,000 for weekly withdrawals. Please note, limit increase requests are considered upon review while taking financial means and purpose of the account into consideration, on a case by case basis and the amounts above are not guaranteed.

This does not constitute investment advice. Please consult your financial professional if you have questions about investing in cryptocurrency.