The Uphold Mobile App:

It is here! Uphold is now available directly on your phone for free. Similar to the seamless experience you’re used to 1.25 billion Android device users* now have access to Uphold’s mobile app! Whether on the go, traveling or simply stuck in line, we’ve got you covered - you can access hold, send and receive value in 25 currencies and 4 metals anytime anywhere.

Go to Google Play and get it now.

App features include:

  • Transfer value between cards
  • Send money instantly and for free
  • Pay by scanning a QR code
  • Collect funds by showing others your QR code
  • Access to all cards
  • Create new cards within the app

Are you a developer?

Uphold also offers more possibilities for developers through our open API Uphold Connect. Need inspiration?

Check out Bitwage one of our developer partners who are changing the future of payroll.

Onwards and upwards!

*Source: IDC