Today at ICE Totally Gaming Conference 2015 in London, I delivered the keynote speech at the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Seminar.

During my keynote, entitled "Money Meets Innovation,” I addressed the critical need for financial transparency across all industries; particularly the gaming sector. As you know, transparency enables any party using Bitreserve, including payments processors, to trace transactions and to prove solvency of partners in the supply chain, and to meet regulators’ needs and requirements. Transparency is at the core of our initiatives here at Bitreserve, and a key principle connecting the cryptocurrency and gaming industries.

I’m also excited to announce BlockEx as our first customer in the payments processing space. BlockEx is a white label platform for digital currency exchanges, capable of handling trillions of transactions a minute for online game companies. Bitreserve will provide the back-end technology for BlockEx to accept payments into segregated accounts more simply, quickly and securely with reduced costs for accepting, changing and moving currency.

I believe that we can re-engineer the entire gaming business. Cloud technology, when applied to digital currency, can yield unprecedented transparency across payments to prove solvency and assets. This fosters a level of trust and convenience that we have never before seen in this industry. The Bitreserve team is thrilled to be leading the charge.

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