Today is an exciting day for Bitreserve as we announce that we have kicked off our Series B round of financing. It’s our belief that financing should be as transparent and as egalitarian as possible and as a result, we’re giving individuals the ability to participate in our financing round via Venovate Marketplace, the leading U.S.-based brokerage platform for alternative investing, and London-based Crowdcube, the world’s first and most successful crowdfunding platform. The transatlantic raise, held simultaneously in the UK and US, is a first of its kind and gives people a glimpse into the future of equity finance.

The proceeds of our Series B will be used to expand and strengthen our team, fuel international expansion and jumpstart strategic initiatives that will create new market opportunities for Bitreserve.

As we mentioned at launch, we believe that digital money can help create a more equal world. The ability to exchange value in a standards-based way across the Internet is massively powerful and has the potential to change the lives of countless people.

The tenets of digital currency — inclusion, fairness and transparency — are the same tenets we’re applying to this round of financing. Thanks to Venovate and Crowdcube, more investors now have a chance to invest in Bitreserve and other exciting investment opportunities that previously were only shown to a few wealthy individuals and big institutions.

While the concept is still early-stage, I believe that crowdfunding is on the right side of history. It’s also a win for regulatory reform — our listing on Venovate wouldn’t be possible without the changes in regulation that make it easier for entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to qualified investors.

The shared importance we place on innovation, accessibility and transparency makes Crowdcube and Venovate ideal partners for Bitreserve’s crowdfunding initiative. Raising funds via the crowd is our contribution toward finance innovation. I encourage all U.S. investors to join Venovate and all UK investors to join Crowdcube so they can check out the Bitreserve Series B opportunity.