Uphold is money for a connected world. Our digital money platform connects bank networks globally to other value networks like e-wallets and to each other. We make fund flows across borders faster, cheaper, and easier for consumers and businesses. In the developing world, tens of thousand of consumers use Uphold to save and get paid in stable fiat value.

Now Uphold members can spend their Uphold funds anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

With the Uphold Virtual Mastercard, members can instantly issue a prepaid virtual card available for immediate use anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. This includes online, phone and in-app purchases.

Most consumers in Latin America - and the the rest of the developing world - do not have access to credit and debit cards for efficiently making online purchases. With the Uphold Virtual Mastercard, anyone in the world can add funds to their Uphold wallet and spend those funds online.

Uphold Virtual Mastercards can be issued from any Uphold USD card for a 5% fee. The virtual card expires three years from issuance date or can be cancelled anytime, and any remaining balance will be credited back to the Uphold USD card.

For more information on the Uphold Virtual Mastercard today, please visit our FAQ, and feel free to share any questions, comments or concerns to [email protected]

Robin O'Connell

EVP, Head of Growth & Partnerships

*Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.