Fresh off their appearance together at #MoneyConf, Halsey Minor and Max Keiser recently reconvened for an episode of The Keiser Report to talk cloud money, remittances, the future of bitcoin and more.

If you were able to attend #MoneyConf, or you followed the action online, you’ll know that Bitreserve made a groundbreaking announcement during the conference, and Max begins their talk by going through the finer points of what exactly Bitreserve Connect is and why it’s such a critical step forward.

For regular watchers of the program, you know it wouldn’t be The Keiser Report without a few verbal fireworks going off, and Halsey and Max aren’t far into their conversation before things take a turn towards the provocative. To find out what Halsey is referring to when he says:

"I think there are going to be literally hundreds of billions of dollars in fees that over the next three to five years are going to disappear”
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or who he sees as being ripe for “the onslaught of innovation,” tune in now!