At Uphold, we care about the underlying principles that embrace innovation, such as open source development, bitcoin and other blockchain-based technologies. Their potential for disruption in the financial sector, including traditional financial institutions and regulatory bodies (and beyond) is monumental.

As Uphold delivers its vision for the Internet of Money™, we strive to create a seamless and inclusive financial platform where its free to hold, move, convert and transact in any form of currency or commodity. Our platform combines world-class service and support with features that incorporate and celebrate the development of new and innovative technologies and companies, such as Voxelus and its in game currency, the Voxel.

Furthermore, Uphold continues to innovate with the goal of providing our members with access to all forms of value -- That's why today we are proud to announce the upcoming support of two new blockchain based currencies: Ethereum and Litecoin these additions will allow even more ways for our members to take advantage of any new and disruptive applications

We chose to support these two new cryptocurrencies because of their growing popularity in the developer and open source communities, financial traders and enthusiasts. We will launch Litecoin in April 2016 and Ethereum in May 2016. Until then, we invite you to check out ‪ and ‪ to learn more about these two great new additions to the Uphold platform.

We can't wait to extend all the benefits Ethereum and Litecoin can bring to you, our members. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you: Send any questions or comments to [email protected].

Onwards and Upwards!