Dear Uphold members, family and friends,

Four and a half million people in Chennai, on India’s southeast coast, are currently experiencing torrential rainfall and detrimental damage due to flooding. As you read this, sadly more than 250 lives have been lost and we are calling on you to help support these people in a time of need.

As a company that walks the walk to “Do Good,” Uphold created a Help Chennai relief fund to help make it easy to gather donations from anyone anywhere in the world. In order to honor our member’s support, Uphold agreed to match the total amount raised up to $20,000 USD (1335149.00 INR equivalent) and every penny will be donated directly to IDFC Foundation, a nonprofit currently on the ground supplying Revival Kits which include temporary shelters and basic medical ingredients.

Donations can be made within Uphold, simply hit ‘Send’ from your main dashboard and type “HelpChennai” as the username and then choose the amount you wish to send. If you wish to donate via bitcoin, please send the amount to the following bitcoin address: 1HSdydEywhGkCxL8oVLCia6AAr3wN2vs8Z.

Thank you again to all who made this possible and we appreciate your support.

Jayaraj Mehta

Executive Director, Uphold India

  • Note to charities: Uphold provides charities and registered nonprofits with the money services they need absolutely free. Read more about how we support charities on our website.