With 3 days left before the close of SXSW PanelPicker, Bitreserve wants your vote for a fireside chat entitled, “Beyond Banks: The future of a Fully Banked World!” In the proposed session, our CEO Anthony Watson (@AnthonyWatson) has teamed with TechCrunch senior editor Jonathan Shieber (@jshieber) to shed light on how new age fintech companies are shaking up an age old industry.

Bitreserve and other fintech startups are challenging today's banking system and making payments, savings, investment functions, operations and security available to those previously marginalized and overlooked by large and regulated banks. Help us conduct this so panel so that Anthony and Jonathan can address the benefits of unlocking finance for all and why it’s taken until now to enact change.

With your vote, you'll walk away from the talk with important questions answered, like "How are fintech companies using technology to improve the bottom line for individuals?" and "Why are big banks timid on tapping into the growing group of underbanked individuals?" and "How is the cloud an equalizing force for financial services?"

In his latest blog post, Anthony expresses his appreciation for Bitreserve evangelists because it's members and supporters like you that can help drive broader understanding for the problems that exist and start to enact real change. We’re calling on your support now to bring a Bitreserve panel to SXSW Interactive 2016. Vote today!