Providing an edge to institutional investors
Uphold offers the building blocks
for institutions to succeed in the
new digital asset economy
Token discovery
Superior coverage
Trading expertise
Deeper liquidity
Optimal execution
blockchains fully integrated
in the digital asset industry
digital assets offered
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Optimal execution
The Uphold Ascent platform connects to more
liquidity partners than any traditional exchange,
with more than 30+ CeFi, DeFi, and Layer2
blockchain venues. This allows us to smart route orders to deliver
competitive pricing and enable clients to place
and liquidate large positions with minimal
Token discovery and research
We conduct due diligence on the projects that
Our team, led by Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, provides
first-hand knowledge that keeps investors on top
of the market.
We do not only look at tokenomics and
technology, but also the foundation's team, vision,
real world use case, and community value
We focus on fundamental value and the assets
that are disrupting various traditional industries.
We offer more crypto-assets than
comparable trading desks and try to identify
the winners before they go mainstream.
Request a sample research report to see
the value we can bring to your portfolio
Personalized support for
your investment goals
Our trading team comprises CeFi, DeFi, and
High-Frequency specialists who can
structure complex trades using multiple
paths to execution.
Bob O’Brien
Managing Director, Head of Institutional
25 years of experience in Traditional Equity Sales/Sales Trading, Revenue, Business Development, and Strategic Leadership. 3+ years leading the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Research Sales effort, catering specifically to Institutional Investors. Falcon X Institutional Sales in Digital Assets, Derivatives, and Prime Brokerage. Advisor to a Aori, a Defi Institutional Marketplace for spot and options trading. Uphold Head of Institutional.
Dr. Martin Hiesboeck
Head of Research
10+ Years in Blockchain Research and Consulting - Various governmental bodies and NGO. University Lecturer in data science, marketing & economics, blockchain & complexity theory. 13+ years with Austrian foreign service international consulting network. Responsible for European technology promotion including DLT and blockchain. Geber Technology marketing founder. Degrees in economics, computational linguistics, data science and machine learning.
John Hazen
Head of Trading
Founder, CTO, CFO, Head of Desk and/or major participant in the algorithmic trading business for over 17+ years at DRW, GLT (Jump), Grace Hall (Simplex). Active member in centralized and decentralized crypto since 2017 and 2019, respectively. Computer Science at University of Michigan.
Christopher Siedentopf
Head of Global Institutional Sales
20 years’ experience in institutional equity research sales and equity execution sales. Sales and trading roles in the global equity markets divisions at Deutsche Bank, Jefferies and Bank of America. Servicing institutional clients worldwide for more than 17 years. Focused on building out Uphold’s institutional digital execution platform and driving institutional adoption through research and execution consulting. MSc Investment Management - CASS Business. School, City University, London.
Ashley Senior
Senior Quant Trader
Ashley has 10+ years in institutional financial services. He spent over 8 years at Goldman Sachs, starting in the asset management division before moving to the broker-dealer entity where he traded listed derivatives with a focus on fixed income and interest rate options. Ashley joined crypto-native liquidity provider Genesis in September 2021, before joining Uphold in September 2023.
Alex Disney
Head of DeFi
10 years at DRW Trading, LLC working on front office, back office and crypto trading apps. 7+ years in crypto with a focus on extremely deep technical knowledge. Built secure yet functional in-house crypto-custody solutions for cold, warm and hot storage. Led a team in building DeFi trading applications both on and off-chain, as well as APIs for internal services to interact with the blockchain.
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