Coin Hunt World

By Coin Hunt World

Earn Cryptocurrency playing Coin Hunt World!

Coin Hunt World is a geolocation game that allows you to discover hidden treasures in your own neighborhood or city. Gather keys, unlock vaults and earn cryptocurrency when you correctly answer trivia questions.  

How to play Coin Hunt World:

  • Download App for iOS or Android
  • Meet your avatar Cubie
  • Walk around the real world and collect keys of varying rarity
  • Use keys to unlock vaults and answer trivia questions
  • Earn cryptocurrency when you answer questions correctly
  • Export cryptocurrency to your Uphold wallet

Additional gameplay:

Climb the leaderboards and earn cryptocurrency bonuses! Collect resources to craft collectible Cubies. Build your HQ for daily key drops. Discover rare boosted vaults with over $100 worth of cryptocurrency.

About Coin Hunt World:

Coin Hunt World was founded by Bill Shihara, the co-founder of Bittrex, a Global Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Jeroen Van den Bosch, a veteran in the gaming industry.