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Uphold is changing the way people access money.

Uphold serves 184+ countries, across 80+ currencies (traditional and crypto) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since our launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than US$4+ billion in transactions.

Uphold is a multi-asset digital money platform offering financial services to a global market. Uphold's unique ‘Anything-to-Anything’ trading experience enables customers to trade directly between asset classes with embedded payments facilitating a future where everyone has access to financial services. Built on a core of proprietary technologies and e-money apps, Uphold embraces a future where people and businesses around the world have access to safe, transparent, fair, and affordable financial services.

Our Leadership Team

J.P Thieriot photo

J.P Thieriot

Chief Executive Officer

Robin O'Connell photo

Robin O'Connell

Chief Revenue Officer

Simon McLoughlin photo

Simon McLoughlin

President & Chief Operating Officer

​Lee Hansen photo

​Lee Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

Cem Miralay photo

Cem Miralay

Chief Revenue Officer (B2C) and Chief Product Officer

Tiago Ribeiro photo

Tiago Ribeiro

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Rui Marinho photo

Rui Marinho

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Chris Adjei-Ampofo photo

Chris Adjei-Ampofo

Chief Information Officer

Mark G. Anderson photo

Mark G. Anderson

Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Jo Svendblad photo

Jo Svendblad

Chief People Officer