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What is Universal Carbon (UPCO2)?

Universal Carbon [UPCO2] is the world’s first tradable carbon token on a public blockchain. When you buy UPCO2, you make the world a cleaner place by supporting the sustainable preservation of the world’s rainforests. 

Created by the Universal Protocol Alliance and leading voluntary carbon credit managers, UPCO2 is backed by underlying certified REDD+ carbon credits on a leading registry.

When you buy UPCO2, your transaction will be validated, secured, and certified by the UP Alliance, which includes leading blockchain companies such as Ledger, Uphold, InfiniGold, Bittrex Global, and CertiK.

Why UPCO2?

We want our customers to be able to buy and sell a diverse range of assets. UPCO2 represents what some commentators see as the most important new asset class for a generation of investors seeking more than financial return - tradable carbon credits that help to combat climate change.

Powerful macroeconomic forces underpin the Voluntary Carbon Credit market and could drive up prices significantly as more countries introduce emission-control regimes forcing companies to compensate for pollution. Furthermore, a growing number of firms (and individuals) are choosing to offset their carbon footprints voluntarily.

Integrating environmental assets into portfolios has already proved successful for some institutional investors seeking social benefits, as well as increased returns. The UPCO2 Token allows virtually anyone to participate in this growing trend.

According to the World Bank, in 2020 humanity compensates for just 22 percent of global emissions through the purchase and retirement of carbon credits, and yet the proportion of countries operating regulated carbon markets has risen from 40 percent of global GDP in 2016 to 70 percent in 2020.

The result is a wall of demand that may far outstrip the production of new carbon credits, which is choked by the slow and expensive process of Voluntary Carbon Project certification.

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What determines the price of UPCO2?

Each UPCO2 Token is backed on a 1:1 basis by a Voluntary Carbon Unit on a leading registry. Demand for carbon credits by companies and individuals seeking to offset their carbon footprints helps to drive the price of each UPCO2 Token.

During economic downturns, demand for carbon credits may decline, leading to a price reduction, and hence the UPCO2 Token, while during booms, or periods of acute climate change sensitivity, prices may rise.

Carbon credits and the UPCO2 Token are inherently volatile assets and represent investments with special risks, including the risk of low liquidity until the market matures. See here for more information.

Key facts:

  • World’s first carbon credit token that can be bought and held as an investment, as well as burnt to offset a carbon footprint.
  • Each UPCO2 Token is backed 1:1 by a Voluntary Carbon Unit on a leading registry, which represents a one-year tonne of carbon emissions averted.
  • An ERC20 token on the Ethereum Network, UPCO2 is fractional, which means you can invest as little, or as much, as you can afford to offset your carbon footprint or hold as a speculative investment and support the world’s rainforests.
  • In one simple transaction, you’re taking a step towards a cleaner planet.

UPCO2 is transparently minted and substantiated on a public blockchain. You can see the assets and liabilities underpinning the Token in real-time here. You’ll always find that the Token is fully reserved.

To learn more about UPCO2, click here.

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This content is correct as of January 2022.

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