Self-Custody Crypto Better

Secure your assets with the confidence of Vault’s assisted key replacement and access to instant trading.

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What is Vault?

Vault is live for BTC and XRP holders!

Assisted Self-Custody

Secure Your Assets with Confidence

Take Control

With two keys required to move assets, you alone control your crypto.

Peace of Mind

If you lose a key, we’ve got your back, with our secure key replacement service.

24/7, Instant Trading

Never miss a market opportunity, with Vault’s instant access to the Uphold trading platform.


We're not going anywhere... but if our systems were to go down, your assets remain accessible at all times.

How it Works

Your Vault has three keys. Two are always required to move assets. You are in control.

Your private keys

Vault key

Backup key

Lose either and Uphold will help you replace it and restore access to the assets in your Vault.


Uphold key

Co-sign transactions and assist with key replacement. *

* Two keys are required to move assets. Uphold can
never control your crypto.

Need more info? Check out Vault's
frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

Creating a Vault
only takes a few steps.


Open the Uphold mobile app


Tap on Vault on the menu bar


Select your preferred subscription (monthly or annual)


Generate your private keys in a secure, seamless environment

You’re ready to use Vault!


Try FREE 30-day trial



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Billed after 30-day trial. Subscriptions renew automatically.

Today, Vault supports BTC and XRP, with other network integrations coming in 2024.

Be the first to know when Vault goes live with more assets

Your Assets, Your Choice

With Uphold, you can choose to custody however you want.

Full Custody
  • 100% Reserved
  • Assets and liabilities published in real-time.
  • Domiciled and licensed in the US, UK and EU.
  • Customer money never loaned out… so it’s always available when you need it.
  • Subject to regular US State audits.
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Assisted Self-Custody
  • Your keys, your crypto.
  • Super-simple, familiar interface.
  • Peace of mind against loss of a key with our secure replacement service.
  • Instant access to Uphold’s trading platform and portfolio of 260+ assets.
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  • Traditional Self-Custody.
  • Store and manage BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs - all in a single wallet.
  • Access to DeFi trading venues.
  • Seamlessly purchase crypto directly from the wallet with your card.
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Still curious? Check out Vault's
frequently asked questions.