Limitless Orders

Place up to 50 limit orders using one pool of capital. Funds only claimed on execution.

What is a limit order? iconWhat is a limit order?
Why place limit orders at Uphold? iconWhy place limit orders at Uphold?
Placing up to 50 limit orders: how it works iconPlacing up to 50 limit orders: how it works

The Uphold Difference

Place multiple limit orders with one pool of capital.

Place up to 50 limit orders

Only pay when a transaction goes through

Invest efficiently without monitoring the market

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How to place a limit order

On Uphold, you can set up your limit order easily and quickly.

Here's how easy and fast it is to get started:

Step iconTap on Transact at the bottom of your screen.
Step iconTap the Limit tab on the next screen.
Step iconTap the Link and drag it down to the "To" field to set up a buy limit order.
Step iconTap Duration to set the length of your order.
Step iconOnce you've reviewed your order, tap Confirm limit order.

… and you’re off to the races! Just start trading.

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A unique trading experience

Buying and selling crypto at Uphold couldn’t be easier.

Just select your funding source in From - banks, cards, crypto wallets - and pick the crypto you want to buy-in To.

Tap in the amount and everything else is calculated for you.

There’s even a clever equivalent field that allows you to specify the value of a crypto-to-crypto trade in your local currency - e.g., when you’re buying $50 USD worth of bitcoin using XRP.

It’s the easiest way to trade.

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