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Service Fees: Personal accounts


0% on deposits*, 0% trading commissions, 0% on withdrawals.**


Uphold is not a free platform. We charge a spread every time you convert one currency or asset into another. 

This model is easy to understand and all-inclusive. The price you see before you trade, is the price you pay when you trade. Unlike many platforms, our prices are locked in pre-trade.


In the U.S. and Europe, our spread is typically 0.8 to 1.2% on major cryptos: BTC, ETH, XRP.

In some other parts of the world, our spread can be up to 1.8%

Spreads can be higher for low liquidity cryptos and tokens including ZIL, OXT, UPT, LINK. Please check the rates before you trade.

Precious metals

Our spread is typically 3% on top of the bid-ask at our supplier.

Fiat currencies

Our spread is typically 0.2% between major national currencies such as EUR, USD, and GBP.

U.S. Equities

Our spread is typically 1.0%. For trading outside market hours, we add a small spread based on the stock's recent volatility. A clock icon will appear next to an equity symbol when the U.S. public market is closed. U.S. market hours are 9.30am to 4pm ET on business days.

Please note: This is our consumer fee schedule; different fees apply to business account customers on a negotiated basis.

* Except credit cards 3.99%

** Except standard crypto network withdrawal fees on a non-profit basis.