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  • Web3 Projects

  • Non-Custodial Wallets

  • Video Gaming Industry
  • Small Businesses
  • Self Directed IRA Companies

  • Gig Economy Companies

  • Fintechs

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Topper, our fiat to crypto onramp

Integrate crypto purchases seamlessly into your checkout process. Offer your customers a wide array of over 200+ assets and diverse Web3 payment options.

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Boost your bottom line. Our historical approval rate of over 60% means you can trust Topper to deliver where others can't.


Who we serve. Any company in seeking a Web3 solution for their users to buy crypto - from Exchanges, DEXs, NFT Marketplaces, blockchain games and metaverses.


Compliance and KYC. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We manage compliance, KYC, and security, so you can focus on growing your business. Our rapid verification process will have your customers transacting within minutes.

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Business accounts

Facilitate global transactions with ease. Our accounts support multiple currencies and ensure your financial operations are secure and compliant.

Optimize global payments. Drive anything-to-anything payments for your business! Serve your global workforce and customer base better with low-cost currency conversions.
Instant and secure transfers. Send money to your global workforce or suppliers instantly and securely. You send the currency you want, they get the currency they need.
Who we serve. Ideal for gig economy businesses, self-directed IRAs, or any firm managing diverse currency and digital asset flows.
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Integrate our API

The Uphold API is your business's powerhouse for financial automation. Ideal for companies managing multi-currency transactions. Automate intricate financial tasks, from vendor payments to employee payouts, with ease.

Automate complex payment flows. Let our API do the heavy lifting. Automate your payouts to vendors and employees and manage your funds across a spectrum of currencies, digital assets, including stablecoins.

Flexible multi-currency transactions. Perform transactions in various currencies effortlessly. Our API provides the tools you need to operate flexibly in a global market.

Expand market reach. Use our API to scale your operations into new markets without increasing your workload. Our tools help you grow your presence and profitability efficiently.

Embedded finance solutions

Unlock the potential of our Banking as a Service and White Label debit cards solutions for:
Crypto Platforms
Financial Institutions
FinTech Brands
Choose from a range of options including Mastercard® cards, open banking solutions, payment solutions, and virtual accounts, all designed to seamlessly integrate with your business needs
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“Security and reliability to save your savings”

Frequently asked questions

If you want to use Uphold for your business, you need to apply for a business account. In addition to the numerous benefits available to Uphold members, your business account will have higher transaction limits and you’ll be able to link your company's bank account to add and withdraw funds. To apply, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register on our website’s sign-up page providing the account type "Business".
  2. Log into your new account and click on the banner at the top which will take you to the application form.

Unlike many platforms, we aim to reduce the hassle that often comes with opening a business account with a financial institution. We also give you people to talk to who can help you through the process. To help everything go smoothly, we’ve put together a guide with the information and documents you’ll need to submit.

An Uphold business account offers many benefits to our members, such as:

  • Higher transaction limits than personal accounts
  • The ability to link your company's bank account to easily add and withdraw funds
  • Instant and secure transfers
  • Low-cost currency conversions
  • Free storage of funds
  • Access to global customers
  • Built-in compliance and fraud-controls
  • State-of-the art security measures
  • API integration allows for more payment options and automated payouts in multiple currencies
  • Supporting their payroll operations via our API integration 
  • Make instant payments using our new payment widget.

New business account customers are required to deposit a minimum of $2,500USD within 7 business days following the confirmation that Uphold approved their business application. The customer risks account closure if this deposit requirement is not fulfilled within 7 business days.

Learn how to link credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and Apple or Google Pay by visiting our FAQ linked here. Click here to view the various payment methods available in your region!

If you have any questions regarding our business account offering, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by clicking here!

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