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What is Ultra (UOS)?

  • 20 Oct, 2023

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Ultra is designed to be the one-stop shop for gamers around the world. Within the platform, players can discover a range of apps, including a game store, a tournament platform, a digital asset marketplace, and a non-custodial wallet. 

UOS is the currency used within the Ultra ecosystem, and as of 26th October 2023 will be listed on Uphold! In celebration of this, we’re hosting an exclusive tournament in the Ultra Arena on Monday 30th October, where there’s $500 of UOS up for grabs for the winner! Want to participate? Buy $10 or more of UOS on listing day, and we’ll send you a unique code redeemable for an Ultra NFT. The first 250 users to enter the tournament with their NFT will gain access to the tournament and have a chance at the prize! Find the full terms and conditions here.

What is Ultra?

Ultra has formed partnerships with key brands in the gaming and web3 space, including but not limited to AMD, Ubisoft, BNB Chain, Skybound and Plug In Digital. Together, they’re working to deliver content to users and promote Ultra to millions of gamers globally. 

Users can buy and play a range of games on the Ultra platform, as well as easily trade in-game collectibles via their marketplace. Users are also able to partake in a variety of tournaments for popular games such as CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends and more. Winners receive prizes in the form of UOS, digital collectibles, and even physical items. 

Game developers are given the tools to use Ultra’s expansive ecosystem, and can publish their games on the platform, create tournaments for their community, and distribute in-game items on the marketplace. Developers earn revenue via royalties, subscription models, and referral programmes. The ecosystem is supported by Ultra’s blockchain.

Built as a Web3 alternative to gaming hubs such as Steam and the Epic Games Store, the Ultra platform is built around four core apps: 

  1. Ultra Games - this is where players can purchase a wide range of games 
  2. Uniq Marketplace - players can re-sell in-game collectibles and even games they no longer wish to play. The game developer receives royalties on every sale.
  3. Ultra Arena - an esports tournament platform that hosts tournaments for popular esports games
  4. Ultra Wallet - Ultra’s non-custodial wallet

Ultra leans into the Web3 ethos by placing significant emphasis on the concept of ownership, and offering fairer revenue distribution mechanisms than its Web2 counterparts (eg. Apple Store, Steam).

Incentives for game developers

  • Access to marketing resources: providing additional sources to promote their game and tap into Ultra’s community
  • More revenue from game sales: The App Store, Google Play, and Steam charge up to 30% distribution fees, whereas Ultra only charges 12%
  • New revenue streams: developers can earn via second-hand sales of their games and in-game items
  • Access to feedback from the community: via incentivized beta testing and bug hunting 

Incentives for users

  • Convenient, consolidated ecosystem: Key gaming apps in a single location, as well as a range of games and tournaments to choose from
  • Revenue earning opportunities: users are rewarded for referring their friends to Ultra by using the custom referral link that can be found in their Ultra Wallet 
  • Exclusive content: users can participate in bespoke tournaments within Ultra Arena, and win UOS prizes, digital assets, and physical items
  • Greater transparency: this particularly applies to collectibles - the maximum supply and availability of a given asset fully disclosed on the Uniq Marketplace, allowing users to make more informed purchases

If you’re interested in checking out the Ultra platform, download it now

What is UOS?

UOS is an ERC-20 token that is used as currency within the Ultra ecosystem. All purchases of games, collectibles, and services on the Ultra platform can be done in UOS. As well as payment in Ultra’s native token, users can use their credit card and pay with FIAT currency. 

All rewards are paid out in UOS too. For example, Ultra has a referral system that pays out users 2% and 1% of their referrals’ spending each month. 

Unlike Web2 gaming platforms such as Steam, UOS can be transferred out of a user’s Ultra Wallet, giving users greater control over their earnings.

Brief history of the project

The project is the result of several years of development. Founded in 2017, the first Ultra whitepaper was published in 2018, with a final version appearing in November 2022.

Ultra’s Mainnet launched in June 2021, followed by the release of the Ultra Wallet in July 2021, Ultra Games in April 2023 and Ultra Arena in August 2023. New features are continually being released, and the platform is being populated with more games, collectibles, and tournaments on a regular basis. 

About the founders

Ultra was founded by Nicolas Gilot and David Hanson in 2017.

As a strategist and decision-maker, Gilot focus is driving Ultra's vision to change the gaming industry. His experience in founding and directing gaming ventures in China has given him an understanding of creating compelling game experiences and building high-performing teams.

Hanson, with over a decade of experience in game development, plays a core role in envisioning and mapping out Ultra’s extensive ecosystem.

For more information about the Ultra, check out Ultra’s website.


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