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About CSPR

CSPR is the native token of the Casper Network, a pioneering layer 1 platform for smart contracts based on speed, flexibility, and the same " Casper CBC " protocols that underpin Ethereum's transformation to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, only that slightly different.

In essence, Casper could be described as a public, business-centric PoS blockchain, with several unique features.

Complex in design (by startup CasperLabs, co-founded in 2018 by Mrinal Manohar, a computer scientist, and former Wall Street banker, and Medha Parlikar, a veteran software engineer, the network framework is deliberately generic - like Ethereum, the underlying "layer 1 blockchain architecture is primary. ". Therefore, although it is abstract enough to be super versatile, it is also flexible for the future, that is, Casper is aimed at business developers with an eye to building / solving a future "Web3.0", in which the Internet evolves towards something much more decentralized, intuitive and interconnected.

Quick facts:

In blockchain lingo, Casper is actually a specific art term, referring to the major components of multi-year open-source research and development projects.

The Casper network is considered the first blockchain built with the Correct-by-Construction (CBC) consensus research originally published by Ethereum developers, which has been implemented by CasperLabs and the renowned mathematics and computer science professor Daniel Kane resulting in the first mathematically provable live implementation of CBC Casper and was christened the Highway Protocol. This new protocol aims to enable that larger, well-known blockchain to shift to a more energy-efficient PoS consensus, rather than of Proof-of-Work (PoW), associated with high energy consumption. So there is no shortage of confusion around these protocols (Ethereum's Casper and Casper's Casper, which is implemented through the Highway Protocol). 

The Casper Network project targets corporate clients who need help incorporating blockchain technology.

How it works: With Casper's CBC construct, consensus-building peer nodes ("validators "") generate and pass messages in order to try and reach a consensus on the newly created blocks, which is to say the least. simple; an even more simplified explanation of the CBC premise comes courtesy of Casper researcher Aditya Asgaonkar: "Only if there is a high enough number of bugs will something go wrong. "Validators participating in the PoS consensus mechanism, maintaining the network, are rewarded with CSPR tokens. These can also be used to pay network fees for activities on the Casper blockchain network.

CasperLabs started business in late 2018 and went on to build the entire blockchain codebase over 18 months, then it went into testnet in 2020-21, and finally, the mainnet was launched in March 2021.

Since Casper's mainnet launch, multiple collaborations have been announced, including partnerships with China’s Blockchain Services Network, Terra Virtua, BIGtoken, WISeKey, and Lead Ventures. A Casper Association was created to shepherd the Casper network.  A fully autonomous DAO developer called DEVxDAO was also launched that issues grants for open source development on the Casper network, Cointelegraph reported.

The current price of CSPR

As of mid-September 2021, CSPR cost approximately $ 0.10 USD, almost double what it cost in July 2021. However, it is still a far cry from the all-time high of $ 1.33 USD reached in May 2021.

CSPR's market capitalization is roughly $ 200 million, making it the 243rd largest cryptocurrency, as ranked by CoinGecko.

During the cryptocurrency correction of May 2021, with the major large-cap currencies losing ground, CSPR, the least known and smallest, was decimated.

Once it fell below 30 cents, CSPR was declining until mid-July 2021.

How the CSPR price is determined

More than 100,000 investors lined up for the initial phase of the CSPR pre-sale on CoinList and at the time (between late March and early April 2021) it was one of the platform's most successful initial token launches, Cointelegraph reported at the time.

Early investors were able to buy CSPR for an offer price of $ 0.03 but were subject to lock-in periods of 6 and 12 months.

The initial offering of CSPR in circulation: 400 million CSPR.

The currency is designed to be inflationary; CSPR's maximum bid (such as ETH) has not been defined. The goal is for block rewards to incentivize participation with algorithmically created future tokens to reward validators, ideally with (like ETH) single-digit annual inflation.

Okex, when describing the tokenomics of CSPR, refers to the fact that the price depends on increasing demand for the digital currency.

The inflation of the CSPR supply will gradually decrease against the number of coins in circulation.

What the bulls say

* "The project was introduced in order to solve what enterprise blockchain solutions face as they attempt to sustain the global acquisition of the company without making any notable sacrifices in scalability, security or speed, " said Mehardeep Singh of TechStory .

"For an organization to achieve these goals, the Casper blockchain provides users with some features including upgradeable smart contracts that help reduce the need for costly, complex migration processes and quickly patch any vulnerability in the system. "

* The fact that CSPR has successfully implemented Casper's CBC positions itself as an effective testnet for the future development of ETH 3.0, said Ghost Staking, a team of quantitative analysts who provide their feedback on the market (in addition to managing a CSPR validator production node). "Which means "", they said,"which will naturally attract the development of Ethereum projects seeking to obtain advantage in your development of ETH 3.0 ".

* Casper "will definitely enter the list of the 100 best crypto projects with a market capitalization of $ 1 billion, " said the forecaster of altcoins online AK Crypto.

What the bears say

* CSPR is risky and could fall dramatically in the next 12 months, according to the forecasting system of

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This content is correct as of January 2022.

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