Brand resources

Through our unique visual language, Uphold endeavours to represent the values of its community, i.e., a human centered approach as our brand’s cornerstone. When using our brand resources, please follow the below mentioned guidelines.

Our logo

The Uphold logo comprises the ‘hot air balloon and light bulb’ hybrid as the symbol and ‘Uphold’ as the wordmark. It’s our brand’s universal signature which we use across all our platforms and communications. It’s therefore pertinent that consistency be maintained when using it. Please don’t alter or attempt to recreate the Uphold logo in disregard of the below mentioned guidelines. Only use the logo format that’s been made available for download below.

Download logo

Logo versions

Predominantly, we use a combination of the symbol and the wordmark to represent our brand. We also however use the symbol independent of the wordmark as and when deemed more impactful in a given use case. When using the symbol in isolation, it’s necessary to ensure that the Uphold brand name has been sufficiently referenced so as to avoid any confusion.

Download symbol
The symbol and the wordmark

The symbol and the wordmark

The symbol

The symbol

Logo Colors

P06 is the official green that we use for the Uphold logo. However, there is room for flexibility depending on the background’s color where you choose to showcase the logo. For maximum visibility, when placing the logo on a dark background, the logo color should be N01. On a light background, the logo should be displayed in P06. On a dull background, switch between using either N01 or N06 for the logo color, whichever ensures greater distinctness.

Logo minimum size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the Uphold logo is not compromised in application. While you can scale the logo as much as you’d like, it should never go below the minimum size requirements stipulated hereunder.





Use over photography

Visibility and legibility are the two guiding principles when trying to showcase the Uphold logo, especially when displaying it on top of photographs.

Slide 0
Slide 1
Slide 2

Exclusion zone

The wordmark and the symbol’s exclusion zone is equal to the height of ‘U’ in ‘Uphold’. The logo should be surrounded by a safe margin for it to have enough room to breathe and to ensure it always looks its best. No other graphic elements should enter this zone.

Brand Colors

The Uphold brand uses 3 colors i.e. P06, N06 and N01 (illustrated below) as its primary colors and their variations across all platforms and communications. 

The use of the primary colors is what identifies us as Uphold and should therefore be preferred over the variant colors as much as possible. The color variations stem from the primary colors P06 and N06. We use variations of P06 for specific purposes such as hover effects on buttons or as gradients, etc. Color variations of N06 are used as backgrounds or text.

Primary colors

RGB73, 204, 104
RGB60, 74, 91
RGB255, 255, 255

Primary color variants

RGB50, 156, 74
RGB64, 182, 91
RGB111, 230, 138

Color variations of P06

RGB27, 33, 47
RGB104, 119, 141
RGB188, 202, 216
RGB228, 234, 242
RGB245, 249, 252

Color variations of N06

Connect with Uphold button

The Uphold connect button is a way to trigger the login process to Uphold when used on any external website or app. When using the ‘Connect with Uphold’ button from our API, please strictly adhere to the versions and sizes provided therein so as to ensure a consistent design and experience.

Download buttons

The button in N01 over a dark background

The button in P06 over a light background