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About Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr is cross-chain infrastructure. It allows stakeholders and users to push further into the Web3 economy. It offers a suite of tools that allow stakers, developers, node operators and dApps to interact with a range of independent blockchains from a single, user-friendly platform.

Ankr has a token, ANKR, that’s used as a method of payment on the network. Independent node operators stake ANKR to validate transactions and earn tokenized rewards. ANKR also confers voting rights within the protocol’s governance system.

 For developers, node operators, enterprises and DeFi users, Ankr presents a series of ready-made solutions designed to streamline integration with Web3 ecosystems. Developers can leverage Ankr’s custom application programming interfaces (APIs) and remote program calls (RPCs) to provide a simplified means of deploying applications to various independent blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon and Polkadot. Likewise, the protocol has a powerful SDK toolkit, capable of facilitating the creation of multi-chain-run GameFi titles.

Ankr’s decentralized node infrastructure allows those with limited technical skills to deploy both full and validator nodes across a range of protocols. Operators pay an ANKR-denominated fee to access their node remotely while Ankr maintains the underlying hardware.

Within the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), Ankr’s liquid staking mechanisms provide a means of amplifying tokenized rewards, protocol documentation explained. Ankr also promotes a set of enterprise-grade solutions that allow independent firms to control their Web3 interactions.

When was ANKR created and how much was it worth?

Ankr’s origins date back to 2017. The protocol’s native token, ANKR, was first released in April of 2018 via four separate rounds of private funding that saw the project net nearly $15 million. This was followed, some four months later, by a $3.3 million public token sale. At the time of its initial distribution, ANKR was valued around $0.0033. 

According to CoinGecko, ANKR traded in a narrow range over its first three years of existence before catapulting to an all-time high of $0.21 in April of 2021. The token’s price has been prone to volatility since.

How is the price of ANKR determined?

ANKR is a deflationary asset with a hard cap of 10 billion tokens. According to Messari, 35% of the tokens total supply was released via a series of private/public sales in 2018. An additional 40% of supply was earmarked for mining and community rewards, while another 20% went to the protocol’s founders over a 42-month vesting schedule.

As of June 2022, there were 8.1 billion ANKR in circulation.

Why does ANKR have value?

Ankr has an ability to streamline the Web3 integration process for developers, game builders, DeFi users and node operators, and would seem to demonstrate unique utility, which is why it would be viewed as having value, conceivably. The protocol is positioned as a hub from which users can access and benefit from various blockchain ecosystems.

Is ANKR secure?

According to a first-hand review by Investing News & Analysis - , it is safe, secure and features a user-friendly interface. Likewise, the protocol’s custom APIs provide a secure means of connecting to the Web3 economy.

What are the main benefits of ANKR?

  • Ankr’s custom APIs allow developers to deploy their decentralized applications across a range of independent ecosystems.
  • Ankr’s decentralized node infrastructure provides a streamlined means of implementing remote-access nodes across various blockchain networks.
  • Ankr’s liquid-staking mechanisms give yield hunters an additional return on their deposits.

What do critics say about ANKR?

Critics do show up in social media threads and at times have decried the project’s relative lack of direction.

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