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About Lattice (LTX)

Lattice is the native governance token of Lattice, a self-described “gateway” to the Constellation Network’s burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.

The evolution of Constellation’s Lattice Exchange, Lattice Gateway provides a streamlined platform for projects to launch their own native tokens, manage liquidity and procure financial backing.  

Lattice’s revamped incarnation comprises a half-dozen key features designed to support projects and developers throughout each stage of the “token lifecycle” (e.g., idea stage, gestation, fundraising, token liquidity event), a platform-sponsored blog post explained.

The first of these features is access to Constellation’s Flight Program, an advisory service that helps guide new companies through both the token and state channel development process.

Within the Constellation ecosystem, state channels are independent networks capable of processing and validating complex streams of data.

Lattice’s Launchpad platform connects early-stage projects to potential financial backers. Individual users can participate in this fundraising process by staking their LTX or veLTX tokens to a given Launchpad project.

Also contained within Lattice Gateway is a proprietary Node Manager that ties tokenized rewards and bounties to designated data sources. Per documentation, version 1 of this Node Manager consists of various staking rewards campaigns in which reward emissions are linked to unique technical solutions such as the Constellation Soft Node Program.

Furthermore, Lattice is equipped with cross-chain swap functionality allowing users to exchange tokens across independent ecosystems. Currently, these services are facilitated by CEX aggregator Exolix; however, Lattice does plan on developing its own native DEX capable of processing cross-chain swaps sometime in the near future.

Lastly, Lattice’s bonding services enable developers to gain control of project liquidity, allowing them to offer attractive yields without the inflationary pressures generally associated with many yield farming mechanisms.

At the heart of Lattice lies LTX and its sister token veLTX. As noted by a Medium blog post, LTX holders can choose to deposit their assets in exchange for veLTX, which enables them to partake in platform governance and receive tokenized rewards. As of October 2022, veLTX holders are entitled to number of cash flows including protocol fees, cross-chain swap fees and token airdrops.

When was LTX created and how much was it worth?

Formerly known as Lattice Exchange, Lattice Gateway is a project running on the Constellation Network, a distributed ledger technology seeking to solve the long-standing “blockchain trilemma” of speed, security and decentralization. The Lattice project came courtesy of three of Constellation’s co-founders, Ben Jorgensen, Mathias Goldman and Wyatt Meldman-Floch.

LTX was first released to the public through a series of initial exchange offerings in November of 2020. Tokens were initially available at a cost of $0.35, Cryptorank explained.

Data from CoinGecko shows that LTX traded sideways for nearly four months following its public distribution before rising to a local high of $1.42 in March of 2021. The token’s price subsequently dipped before rallying once again roughly five months later, this time to an all-time high of $2.79. As of October 2022, LTX was trading for $0.57 having been impacted by growing market uncertainty.

How is the price of LTX determined?

LTX’s price is partially a function of its deflationary nature. Only 100 million LTX tokens will ever exist; some 32 million are currently in circulation. In terms of tokenomics, roughly 25% of LTX’s supply was allocated to various token sales and another 45% set aside as part of the project’s liquidity mining program. A further 15 million tokens were dished off to Lattice’s core development team and advisors, while an additional 10% of supply was sent to the project’s reserve. All remaining tokens, some 5 million, were reserved for platform marketing purposes, said.

Why does LTX have value?

Lattice now hangs it hat on providing a gateway to Constellation’s bustling Web3 ecosystem, seen as gaining momentum as a faster, cheaper realm in which to transact, while garnering use cases. Users also will likely be intrigued by the ability to participate in governance and earn tokenized rewards via ownership of LTX.

Is LTX secure?

A standard ERC-20 token, LTX is supported by a range of Ethereum wallets and exchange-based storage solutions. In terms of platform security, Lattice provides a gateway to the Constellation Network whose robust security measures are trusted by the U.S. Air Force, among others.

What are the main benefits of LTX?

 Lattice provides a streamlined gateway to Constellation’s growing Web3 ecosystem. Constellation's scalable Hypergraph Network is said to be ushering in an era of cheaper, faster DeFi solutions.

 Lattice enables project developers to launch tokens, manage liquidity and procure funding.

 Within Lattice, LTX can be deposited in exchange for veLTX, a governance token entitling holders to various rewards.

What do critics say about LTX?

That Lattice’s shift away from core competency AMM-backed DEX services is potentially a sign of capricious, unfocused strategy.

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