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About My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

ALICE is the native utility and governance token of My Neighbor Alice, a P2E game built on the Chromia blockchain.

Advertised as a multiplayer builder game, the platform allows players to buy/own plots of virtual land, collect/build exciting items, and meet new friends. Players within the game are represented by their own unique avatars that facilitate in-game communication and interactions. 

Essentially a combination of Animal Crossing and Minecraft, My Neighbor Alice requires that players first purchase a plot of land before taking part in game play. Once land is purchased, users can decorate the property with in-game assets (i.e., buildings, vegetation, furniture, animals) as they deem fit.

Both land and in-game assets can be purchased and sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the game’s virtual marketplace. Land can also be bought from the game’s eponymous “central figure,” Alice. 

Within the game players can progress by performing daily activities, participating in competitions/quests, and doing favors for their various in-game neighbors. 

My Neighbor Alice’s native token, ALICE, provides several functionalities across the platform, including the ability to be used as a form of in-game currency. ALICE is also used to unlock special game content and confers voting rights within the game’s Community Council DAO.

As with other popular P2E titles, My Neighbor Alice allows players to take advantage of DeFi-related services, including token staking for an annual yield, as well as NFT-backed loans.

When was ALICE created and how much was it worth?

My Neighbor Alice is the brainchild of Swedish game studio Antler Interactive. Prior to the launch of My Neighbor Alice, Antler had gained recognition as development firm behind popular virtual reality (VR) games SVRVIVE: The Dues Helix, and Kartong – Death by Cardboard. To date the firm has managed to raise roughly $2.1 million in seed funding from leading industry VCs including Binance Labs, Coin98 Ventures, and Kyros Ventures.

The game’s native token, ALICE, was first released to the public via a February 2021 IDO at a price of $0.125.

Pricing data from CoinGecko indicates that ALICE was subject to harsh volatility in the months following its initial launch. Despite a November 2021 rally which saw the token hit a local high of $26.97, the token’s price prospects have generally favored downside momentum.

How is the price of ALICE determined?

ALICE is a deflationary asset with a hard cap of 100,000,000 tokens. According to the project’s whitepaper, 21% of ALICE’s total supply was distributed via a private sale to accredited investors, while 800,000 coins (0.8% of supply) were released to the public via IDO.

Moreover, some 20 million tokens were sent to the platform’s reserves; another 15 million were earmarked for the game’s core development team and advisors.

Roughly 8 million tokens (8% of supply) are set to be distributed as “platform rewards.”

Why does ALICE have value?

My Neighbor Alice value owes to its P2E mechanics which allow users to collect tokenized rewards simply by virtue of playing the game and completing various quests/competitions. Demand for the ALICE token theoretically will rise were it the case that platform usage continues to increase.

Is ALICE secure?

My Neighbor Alice runs atop the Chromia blockchain, a ledger generally regarded as having robust security features.

What are the main benefits of ALICE?

  • My Neighbor Alice’s P2E mechanisms allow players to receive tokenized rewards, basically for just playing.
  • My Neighbor Alice features various NFT-backed in-game assets (such as land, buildings and furniture) that can be bought/sold for profit via the game’s virtual marketplace.
  • My Neighbor Alice unlocks several DeFi-related functionalities for its users, including token staking and NFT-collateralized loans.   

What do critics say about ALICE?

That like other P2E games it no longer offers the types of cash flows they have in the past, and, as such, they appear unsustainable.

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