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About Orion (ORN)

Billed as being among the most sophisticated liquidity aggregators ever developed, Orion provides a hub for accessing traditional, centrally run exchanges, as well as decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Orion has a native token, ORN, used to pay trading fees, receive staking rewards and facilitate network governance, the protocol’s whitepaper explained.

The protocol works to scrape pricing data from an array of leading exchanges to find the best deal on a given trade.

Traders use the Orion Terminal, which leverages the protocol’s proprietary order matching engine, to execute orders at the lowest cost.

All trades on the network are fulfilled via Orion’s decentralized network of brokers.

Brokers maintain trading accounts across a range of centralized and decentralized exchanges to fulfill orders on behalf of users. The protocol’s proprietary Orion Broker Software ensures brokers never assume direct control of the trader’s funds, Messari said.

The protocol requires that brokers stake ORN to execute trades on the network. The more ORN a broker stakes, the more orders they can fulfil. For their efforts, brokers are compensated with tokenized rewards. Non-brokers also can stake ORN for a cut of trading fees generated by the network.

In addition to liquidity aggregation, Orion provides its own non-custodial peer-to-peer asset bridge and a development toolkit for independent projects to launch their own DEX.

How is the price of ORN determined?

ORN is a deflationary asset with a hard cap of 100 million tokens. Upon its initial launch, 34 million ORN (34% of total supply) were distributed via a dynamic coin offering (DYCO). According to Messari, some 24 million tokens are earmarked for the Orion Foundation, while an additional 12 million (12% of supply) were dished to the project’s development team. As of early June 2022, there were 34 million ORN in circulation, CoinGecko said.

Why does ORN have value?

Orion’s value proposition connects with its supply, limited, and its liquidity aggregation services which could eventually grow as decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to expand, mature and become more regulated.

 What are the main benefits of ORN?

  • Orion scours pricing data from leading exchanges to find the best price on a given trade.
  • Users can stake Orion’s native token, ORN, to receive a cut of trading fees generated by the platform.
  • The Orion Terminal harnesses the power of Orion’s liquidity aggregator, creating a simple/easy-to-use platform that allows traders to execute orders at the best possible price.

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