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What is KeeperDAO (ROOK) and how does it work?

KeeperDAO is described as an on-chain liquidity underwriter for decentralized finance (DeFi) built atop Ethereum.  

ROOK is the KeeperDAO protocol’s native currency. It’s a governance token, giving holders the right to vote on future changes to the protocol. Liquidity providers earn ROOK by depositing supported assets to the protocol.

The protocol economically incentivizes pooled participation in “keeper” strategies to exploit everyday DeFi occurrences such as on-chain liquidations, rebalancing maneuvers and price arbitrage among decentralized exchange (DEXs). Autonomously scouring markets, KeeperDAO leverages/manages a decentralized base of deposits (i.e., liquidity pools) to exploit any inefficiencies it may come upon. The protocol then kicks back these profits to liquidity providers based on their stake in the pool. According to a community member’s post on Medium, this large base of liquidity allows KeeperDAO to generate greater shared profits than any one individual trader could ever muster solo.  

Those who design models/strategies to exploit on-chain asset mispricing opportunities are referred to as keepers. In times when low-hanging (minimal risk) fruit isn’t available, KeeperDAO lends out deposits across other platforms.

 As of April 2022, KeeperDAO was the DeFi sector’s 43rd-largest protocol in terms of total value locked (TVL).

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