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What is TELOS

Telos is a third generation, layer one blockchain protocol designed to support DeFi and GameFi applications. Launched in 2018, Telos prioritizes low fees and high throughput, with the capacity to support +10 000 TPS. Telos has established an ecosystem of +100 partnerships, and +250 dApps deployed across mainnet and EVM layers. Notably, Telos has experienced no outages since launch.

TELOS in their own words

Telos transforms the gaming landscape, empowering players with a seamless blend of exhilarating fun, exceptional speed, and unrivaled ownership of digital assets in the safest, most scalable Web3 gaming ecosystem.

How does it work?

Telos is the first EVM compatible blockchain built on Antelope, enabling the deployment and operation of Ethereum-based dApps utilizing the Telos EVM.   

TLOS token utility  

The TLOS token may be used as a method of payment within the Telos ecosystem, as a reward for staking, and possesses certain governance mechanisms. 

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