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About Palladium (XPD)

Palladium is a rare precious metal used in activities such as vehicle manufacturing, electronics, fuel cells, and jewelry making. 

Much of the world's supply is deployed along with platinum to make catalytic converters for cars and lorries. But thanks to the massive surge in the production of electric vehicles, and solar panels, demand for palladium is rising.

Hence, it’s intensively traded as a precious metal by investors.

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What’s the price of palladium today?

Although palladium is not as heavily traded as gold or silver, its demand, and unique applications in jewelry and industry, make it an exciting metal to trade. 

What affects the price of palladium?

  • Palladium is used along with platinum in catalytic converters. 
  • Given it is rare and only found in a few places in the world, prices can remain high. 
  • Palladium is bought in bull markets and sold in bear markets. Gold, on the other hand, is bought during times of uncertainty, and slowly sold off during times of good fortune.

What the bears are saying

  • Palladium isn’t as good as gold: Palladium can rise and fall sharply, gold is considered a more stable investment that’s in higher and more consistent demand. 
  • Palladium is a precious metal, but it’s not a monetary metal: Banking reserves are almost entirely held in gold, so while it's precious, it’s not a monetary alternative.
  • Palladium is not well known: Ask most people about palladium, and they won't be able to tell you. When people are talking about an investment, demand often follows.

What the bulls are saying

  • Palladium is hard to find: Just like platinum, reserves are limited and located in just a few places around the world. 
  • Demand from industry is diverse and robust: Palladium has many uses, especially in electronics, batteries, vehicles, and medicine.
  • More is needed, but less is available: Palladium mining requires deep mining, where underground temperatures are high, so it’s more challenging and expensive. 

How to buy Palladium (XPD)

Here’s how to get started:

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  2. Enter your email address, personal details, and create a password.  
  3. Your account will be created instantly and you can start using Uphold.

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