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Uphold’s Vault Is Out of Beta

  • 14 Mar, 2024

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Uphold’s Vault Is Out of Beta!  

Following a successful beta launch, Vault is now officially live with newly enhanced features!

At its core, Vault embodies practical and accessible self-custody, marking a significant milestone in Uphold’s mission to deliver a user-friendly crypto custody solution that doesn’t compromise on user control or convenience.

Here’s a rundown of what the early adopters think about Vault, and the many ways you can benefit from this service.

What Early Users are Saying about Vault

During Vault’s three-month beta period, Vault was tested by the community, with the vast majority of beta users surveyed praising its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Key metrics from this period include:

  • 83% of Vault users found it easy or very easy to move funds to and within Vault
  • 79% of Vault users found Vault’s multi-sig key system easy or very easy to understand
  • 90% of users agreed Vault was a considerable value for their money
  • $33M in crypto transactions executed by Vault users during the beta phase, with an average daily transaction volume of 250,000 XRP – the largest volume traded from any pre-released Uphold product.

This impressive community traction is a testament to Vault's design philosophy: to allow anyone to control their digital assets via a convenient and powerful self-custody solution.

Looking forward, Vault is set to redefine the landscape of digital asset custody. With plans to expand beyond XRP to include a wider range of digital assets and blockchains, Vault is positioned to become the go-to solution for secure and accessible control of digital wealth for everyone.

Why Use Vault?

Most crypto users today are torn between the convenience of a centralized service and the control of a self-custodial wallet. But with Vault, you get the best of both worlds.

With Vault, you can:

  • Full control of your digital assets, with all the complexities of managing your own crypto abstracted via Vault’s user-friendly self-custody experience.
  • Easily replace a missing key and restore access to your Vault funds. The entire process only takes a few clicks, and Uphold never gains access to your wallet.
  • Place instant, global trades via the Uphold app with a single click. Moving funds in and out of Vault is effortless, which makes it easy for you to capitalize on new market opportunities and avoid missing trading opportunities.

In addition to the above, Vault is introducing two new features: Close Vault, which lets users seamlessly close their XRP Vault and get their XRP reserve back within the app, and Subscription Management, which provides notifications to easily track changes in subscription status.

These additional features were implemented post-beta, following the feedback we received from Vault’s beta users. We look forward to introducing new community-driven features and setting a new standard for digital asset custody together!

Join the Revolution

The emergence of Vault’s assisted self-custody solution is a game-changer for both crypto newcomers and industry veterans. With its user-friendly interface, state-of-the-art security features, and commitment to continuous improvement, Vault simplifies the complexities of digital asset management.

In short, Vault is designed to be an essential tool for anyone looking to navigate the world of digital assets securely and easily.

Explore Vault and enjoy a better way to self-custody your crypto.

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Uphold Team photo
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Uphold Team photo
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